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At present, pet cats aren’t required to be licensed, unlike canine, said SPCA’s government director, Aarthi Sankar. The SPCA and different animal welfare teams shared how unregulated and irresponsible ownership, in addition to sterilisation, have led to a cat abandonment ‘epidemic’. “The folks working in any follow are basically motivated by animal welfare and delivering that for homeowners.” It has numerous initiatives to educate individuals on accountable pet ownership, such as through events, webinar sequence and talks, said Ms Kwok. The Snuggery permits pet house owners to customize what the day might seem like for their pets – similar to happening outdoor walks, having one-on-one time with a trainer doing IQ games, easy agility exercises or fundamental obedience coaching.

It was a tough sight to bear, and she could not cease serious about her pet toy poodle, which had been adopted when it was barely a year old, ready for her by the entrance door for days until Mrs Chan was back. As such, outcomes are affected by human perspectives, projections and biases. A new law has been introduced that formally brings canine meat to an end as a commodity in South Korea. Over the years, more obituaries have grown …