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They have also been documented in pre-dynastic instances in historic Egypt. This gave girls extra practical ways to hold needed gadgets. Word itself is derived from the French for “lady of the castle.” The girl of the citadel was the keeper of the keys to the citadel, which is why the jewellery has this name. And regardless of being derived from a word used for ladies, chatelaines were worn by both men and women .

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The commonest are high-polish, satin/matte, brushed, and hammered. High-polished jewelry is the most common and offers the metallic a extremely reflective, shiny look. Satin, or matte finish reduces the shine and reflection of the jewellery, and that is commonly used to intensify gemstones corresponding to diamonds. Brushed finishes give the jewellery a textured look and are created by brushing a material in opposition to the metal, leaving “brush strokes”. Hammered finishes are typically created by using a rounded steel hammer and hammering the jewellery to provide it a wavy texture.

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So I was needing one thing I could trust to not irritate the piercing holes (ear-ritate? Eh?). This brand is a great find and I’ll most likely purchase from them again. I hope their claims about how they’re manufactured are true. This is super comfortable to put on and I extremely advocate the 16 inch length. The option to add a subtle shadow engraving additionally adds that custom touch to the piece and I had to order a second chain in one other end haha.